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Caterpillar War!

5 MAY 2020

The weather today is beautiful, a bit breezy but a perfect blue sky. I have two long conversations with our GP about the elderlies, particularly Jean as we try to work out the best course of treatment for her, it strikes me again how brilliant our doctor has been in these calls and how helpful I have found them.

I have another long conversation (at a distance) with the man who runs our local nursery who was delivering the lime, John Innes compost and grass seed. This was about mushroom growing because he had quite a lot of experience of commercial mushroom growing and he is intrigued to see how we get on with our mushroom house, it was very useful to discuss things with him. He also mentions that we are due a dramatic change in the weather, with frost and even snow! I’m relieved I haven’t been tempted to plant out anything too tender. I decide to keep planting vegetables and start with a bed of celery and celeriac. Then next to this bed I plant out a bed of beetroot and spinach. There is quite a lot of self seeded Californian poppy which I will leave in place as companion planting and probably add some other flowers as well.

The ‘Box Tree Moth Caterpillar’ is now very much in evidence despite out earlier spray with Xentari. I decide we need to spray again while it’s dry and to spray extremely thoroughly and I ask James if he can make a start on the job. He takes this extermination task very seriously, meticulously spraying the hedge all over. This product is supposed to only affect the caterpillars, they eat the sprayed leaves and die. The whole family takes a very personal interest, because we all love the box hedge which looks beautiful at the moment smothered in its lush, fresh new growth. We can only hope that the treatment works this time.

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