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Cat Versus Swede!


I started today by repotting my beautiful primulas into old terracotta pots, so that they will be ready to put into the Auricula Theatre, when it is finished. I then returned to weeding the Brassica quarter… I would like to think that I could get this section weeded today, but I know I’m being overly optimistic. It is one of the worst sections of the vegetable garden, cabbages need tidying up- they are getting a bit tatty now, they’ve been in the garden for a long time. Harvested plants need removing, other crops, that have gone to seed, need cutting back if they are still usable. Weeding is tricky, because there are flowers e.g. forget-me-nots, Californian poppies and borage that I want to leave as companion planting. Also, some Brassicas, that have gone to seed, are flowering and providing valuable pollen for bees, and I want to leave them in place. Some crops are covered with nets and these need to be straightened and secured. It is at this point, that my much-adored black cat, Pip, arrives to investigate- Pip is my main garden companion. She obviously thought that garden netting would be a good thing to play in and started diving in and out of it, rolling about and becoming tangled. She then focused on the swedes under the netting and attacked them, grabbing them and pummelling them with her back paws! Well I do not know what such an inoffensive vegetable had done to deserve this treatment, but it is a good job that swedes are sturdy! Whilst I am manically weeding, Patrick is continuing with the Fruit Cage path with Diane pointing and James mixing. Mary (Patricks sister) also comes along to help, which is very kind. Aideen comes outside later, after practising, and helps with the paths and then puts in the edging tiles for the playhouse path. We all work very hard and don’t come in until 9:00pm… needless to say I do not finish the Brassica quarter, I will have to get up early tomorrow!


If there is anybody out there reading this, supposedly daily, blog, I apologise for some of them coming out as a group- a bit like buses all arriving at the same time! This is because of my ineptitude in IT matters, therefore I have to rely on my ‘remarkable’ daughters to type them up for me. Sometimes it is hard to find an available and willing daughter to carry out this task, so I have to utilise my most persuasive tactics. I could type them myself, but then they probably wouldn’t arrive till next Christmas, owing to my lack of facility with a non-musical keyboard. As stated in my very first blog, I am somebody who doesn’t even use a mobile phone… however I do know what an Auricula Theatre is!

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