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Carry on weeding (I don’t think this was a film)

7 November 2019

Phew! The remaining 10 Grape Vine plants arrive and I return to the mini Orchard to carry on weeding. Andy arrives and asks what I am doing? He looks quite puzzled when I says I am weeding the lawn, saying that he would just use weedkiller, but realises, this is not what we do here. I agree, but spending another day trying to extricate dandylion tap roots (never fully successfully) does start to get quite tedious. Lovely Andy weeds the Leek bed, a much more satisfying job that my patch of tatty grass - I did not want to put him off coming to help ever again by asking him to help me!

We all then head off to the Barbican to listen to Aideen play in Mahler’s 7th Symphony – fantastic.

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