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Today my decorative butterflies arrive, a pack of 50 colourful fake butterflies on wire sticks with springs. My plan is to push them into the canes in the pumpkin bed. Their purpose is purely decorative and they do look lovely - although it is not easy making my way through the sea of pumpkin leaves and stalks without treading on something!

There has been a constant, quite heavy rain in the night and it continues as light intermittent rain during the day. This is fantastic, the garden really needed it and it gives me a few days respite from watering, I only need to water the polytunnel. I start the day by working out the days priorities and decide to clear the Broad Bean bed (they have finished) to enable me to plant out the remaining 2 trays of leeks. This will put them opposite the leeks that I've already planted out. It is good conditions for planting, the soil is damp to a reasonable depth and the temperature is lower. I leave the calendulas around the edge (like the other leek bed) I dead head them and stake them, they are quite floppy. I add a barrow of compost to the bed and then planted the leeks. I then went back to the 'fruit tree bed' where I continued with my pruning, tying back and weeding. The bed and path are much clearer and the trees look quite good. I have had to prune quite hard to get trees into shape, but I am happy with the result. By the end of the day I've finished about two thirds of the bed. I make a spaghetti bolognese with courgettes and lots of rosemary from the garden.

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