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Bursting Polytunnel


Today is normally my busiest teaching day but fortunately I am not in school for a full day. This is lucky as my back is very sore – hardly surprising under the circumstances! I go outside to plant some plug plants that have arrived in the post – 24 Hardy mums, 24 Verbena Endurascape, 12 Iberis. I then carry on planting seeds, 6 Old Boerwhite pumpkins, 1 Moschata pumpkin, 2 Yellow Hundredweight, 4 Turks Turban and 12 Jack O’Lantern. The polytunnel is bursting at the seams, roll on finishing the cold frames! There are still plenty of things to sow. I have a brilliant idea about reallocation of cake and call my good friend Sandra. Sandra is in my choir and is the incredible ‘force of nature’ that organises numerous church fund raising events. She is also a caterer and is due to organise the ‘tea’ for Anzac Day… maybe she could use some cake? I call her, and she says, ‘perfect timing I’m driving past’ and moments later she is collecting some sponges and tray bakes. I will also be able to use a large amount of cake on Friday as we have a large garden visit booked in with 38 people!

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