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Bulbs on the vine mount!

1st December 2019

Today is Sunday and the weather is bright, I am hoping that apart from the carers visit in the morning that it will be reasonably uninterrupted. Dad is feeling more settled and later I might be able to go outside and plant bulbs on the vine mount. I am conscious that I had intended to write a gardening diary not a medical diary! However, I think it is important to give a picture of how we manage at Church Gardens, 'warts and all', and life is not straight forward. I am also well aware that it is important to keep some normality in my life and being outside is incredibly therapeutic. Equally well, there are times when it has to be put to one side, because family comes first.

I start by testing out dads alarm is supposed to have a long range, he presses a simple door bell type button and a plugged in alarm will sound. After much plodding backwards and forwards from dads house to the kitchen garden, I discover the range of the alarm only reaches the polytunnel, which is disappointing. However, I can hear it from the vine mount which is good.

Roz very kindly brings round her sitting down 'bike pedal exerciser' and I try this with dad, but he struggles and we stop quite quickly, he is still very weak.

I manage to get outside by 11:30/12:00 and start what turns out to be the incredibly long job of setting out the bulbs on the mount.

I am not being precious about arranging them but there are probably more than 2500 bulbs and half of them are in bags of 10 or 15 and all the bags have to be opened. It takes ages and I only get one side of the bottom level in the ground before dark. Worryingly the rest are left on the soil surface until tomorrow, I hope they will survive any frost.

Patrick is out on his tractor gathering leaves with a bit of help from Meave, we haven't been able to restrain him any longer. Late in the day Patrick, Meave and Aideen go to pick up a 'riser/recliner' for Grandad. This is being passed onto us by a friend of Joy's which is brilliant, although it is incredibly heavy and difficult to get into Grandad's house.

It is lovely to see him looking more comfortable and very good to get my chair back in the living room!

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