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Bulb Planting resumed

11 November 2019

First thing this morning, I removed the carved pumpkins from outside the front door. I have left the complete Pumpkins in place for decoration. I remove the candle holder remains and I put one, with a big front opening, into Pecky’s run for her to peck out – she also found a few remaining seeds inside the pumpkin which she attacked with enthusiasm.

I then cleared the lower level bed around the Vine mount so that it is ready to be dug over. Patrick is hoping to do this before his operation on Friday but I think he is being over optimistic and it is more likely to end up as another job for me to fit in.

I then started panting the Crocus bulbs (300) and the Fritillary bulbs (75) in the wild flower meadow area . These were planted around the Urn in the mini Orchard and that was about half of the bulbs to go in .

Anyway we now have 600 new Crocuses ( there are 1000 in there already) and 200 Fritillary planted out in the wildflower meadow which is some progress. It is not a big area so this should look very good next year.

I quickly prepare dinner before I leave because of top of everything else, we have a rehearsal tonight. I then leave for Hillingdon Hospital and Meave is able to join me as Patrick has gone down for his operation quite early. Diane has come home from work and she goes up to Charring Cross in the evening to be there when Patrick comes round and Meave, Aideen and I go to rehearsal. Everything goes ok, thank God. Grandad is not too bad and asks after Patrick.

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