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Bulb planting is finished!

23/12/2020 Today’s forecast was very wet and it didn’t disappoint. Our little stream in the orchard has begun to resemble a raging torrent! However, it is nearly Christmas and other things apart from the garden need my attention. Today we were picking up our Christmas order from the local butcher, thank goodness that was still possible and then we had a piano delivered. We have agreed to baby sit a baby grand for an undefined period…potentially a useful addition for future music events at Church Gardens in a hopefully Covid free future.

Eventually the rain subsided, there is a limit to how much water can fall from the sky! I nip outside to finish planting the bulbs, I plant the final blue bells and then I find a home for the stray ranunculus. As the rain continued to hold off I planted the beautiful cyclamens I bought at Nik’s Nursery last week. These went into the containers at the front of the house, the sinks at the back of the house and the urns at the start the central border. I also planted out the purple/lilac pansies in the six containers at the base of the arches that span the central border.

I then, rather reluctantly, came inside for some general Christmas tidying…not my favourite job, but it’s not fair for Diane to do it on her own.

The temperature is due to drop and we are expecting a frosty, rather than white, Christmas, which I am sure will look beautiful.

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas and we certainly deserve a few days off. There will be Christmas vegetables, swedes, parsnips and our Brussel sprouts are just about big enough to use, I cannot wait!

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