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23 APRIL 2020

We had a visit from a lovely district nurse this morning who checked on Jean’s various issues. I’m relieved to hear that I am presently doing the right things, and touched that Annya (who I’ve met before) thinks I am doing a good job – her approval means a great deal to me. Although today’s care duties again take much longer than usual, I leave the Annexe in a much more positive frame of mind.

I hope that the few people who read my blog do not mind references to non-gardening elements of my life, because I do feel that they are relevant. Gardening, nature and ‘being outside’, in my opinion are the best therapy in the world… there is quite simply nothing like it. Therefore, in order to show its amazing effectiveness, I feel it is necessary to give some context, to our readers, of my state of mind which was quite variable even before Covid-19 struck, principally due to the stresses and strains of looking after my dad and aunt. I do refrain from sharing the worst details of caring for my relations, but looking after them affects everything in my life including my beloved garden.

I start the day by giving the organ pipe bed a good soaking, unfortunately this patch of ground can quickly become very dry, and combined with its shadiness it makes it quite inhospitable to plants, so it requires a close eye.

My main plan for today is to start sowing the more tender vegetables, most of which will be using root trainers which each consist of 32 deeper modules to encourage root growth. I start with the sweetcorn and I sow 5 trays of Medzi, Sativa Late, Damaun, Lark, Mirai, Swift and Golden Bantam. The family are very partial to sweetcorn and last years harvest was excellent! I’ve then did two trays of runner beans, Firestorm, Aurora, Moonlight, Czar, Lady Di, Celebration and Butler. Then 2 trays of French climbing beans Borlotto (best bean in the world!) and Cobra and finally 2 trays of Edamame (Meave’s favourite) and Soya.

At teatime Meave and Diane went for a run and discovered fly tipping directly opposite our front gate – charming! But amazingly, Aideen rang the council and a lovely young man arrived within the hour to collect it. So I went outside to say thank you from, 2m distance! He depressingly informed us of a fly tipping epidemic in the borough and as if one epidemic is not enough!

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