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Brick Recce – Take 2

20 MAY 2020

We had another early morning call from a very miserable Jean this morning, urgently needing the commode. Terrifyingly she told me she was considering trying to get to the commode independently. Even before her fall she could not move anywhere without a walking frame and now she can not get up without the assistance of three people, so how was she intending to accomplish this feat? She had pushed herself dangerously close to the edge of her chair and she could have dropped to the floor. I talked to her very seriously about this, but it is hard to know if my words make any impression.

Today is going to be hotter than yesterday, maybe 29 degrees so I anxiously water anything vulnerable when I go outside. Patrick has discovered more Tudor bricks on the internet, in a yard very close to the one we visited on Saturday, then we discovered the new yard was owned by the brother of the owner of the first yard… why didn’t he tell us that his brother might have the size bricks we are looking for? So it looks like Patrick and I are going for a second ‘road trip’. I don’t mind because it is too hot to plant things comfortably today. Unfortunately, we are not overly convinced by the bricks available at this yard and one type are much more expensive than the others. We come away with some samples to have a think about it. On our return I have a swim in the pool to cool down, it is such a luxury to have this pool and I’m very happy with the new pool cleaning chemicals, much better than chlorine. We noticed something very strange about the pool yesterday, it has been invaded by a swarm of ants. They are congregating in the pool skimmer attachment and are running around the frame and across the cover… very strange. When I’m in the pool, Meave brings granddad out for his walk and he watches me swimming in circles. The three of us then sit in the sun for a chat accompanied by Pip (the cat). I do manage to get in the garden briefly and I tie up all the sweet peas to the fruit cage netting, a fiddly job which takes quite a while. Patrick then joins me, and although the light is fading we go and look at the orchard walls and chat about brick colour and wonder whether maybe the bricks we saw today would be ok, we will come out in the morning with the samples and look properly.

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