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Bountiful harvest


First thing this morning we had a massive container lorry and digger come to remove the pile of contaminated soil/rubble that we have taken off the surface of the parking area. It is very good to see the back of this horrible stuff, one of the last problems left to us by Church Gardens’ previous tenant, who was happy to put any old rubbish down as a parking surface. It is expensive to resolve problems, but now we can proceed with a new beautiful solution for the front of the house. We came up with more ideas today because we are still undecided on which materials to use. It is a very big job and it needs to be done properly and it is vital that it gives an appropriate setting to the house and garden. The unbearable weather continues so I’ve decided to continue with my plan of copious watering and then continuing on my mammoth music room ‘sort out’. Going through my filing cabinets has unearthed some forgotten treasures…today I found some photo copies of handwritten invitations to Meave’s 2nd birthday party and the McHugh's ‘Field Warming’. This was before we had moved in to the house which was still being renovated. Things were very basic and the invitation suggested children brought a bucket and spade to play in our big heap of builder’s sand…they probably all went home stained yellow!

James fitted the lamps on the vine mount today, these were some left over ‘lantern type’ lamps which he painted a dull gold colour. They clicked on at 9pm when I was watering the mount and they looked beautiful. The garden is presently at a very productive stage, it is possible to go out and collect produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have a very tasty breakfast of various berries or maybe plums and figs with honey, cereal and or yoghurt. A favourite lunch, now tomatoes are ripening, is a ‘bruschetta type’ mix of tomatoes, basil, red onions, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar which can be served either authentically on toasted ciabatta or if we don’t have that, normal toast or in pitta packets which we had yesterday with Mozzarella.

For dinner, we are now spoilt for choice of vegetables…tonight I am cooking ‘Normandy chicken thighs’ with apples and mushrooms cooked in cider, served with new potatoes, white cabbage and thinly sliced courgettes, sautéd in butter and garlic. I again remove the head of the cabbage leaving its outer leaves in situ, which encourages re-sprouting…this is already happening on the cabbage previously cut this way. Growing your own enables us to eat like kings and queens and I feel truly blessed.

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