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Borlotti Beans!


Yesterday (14/8/19) rained all day so I stayed in and did housework...Boo! I briefly caught up with the courgette onslaught by making courgette soup and used up every courgette, there will be more tomorrow! I also used up the last of the Autumn sown onions, partly in the soup and partly in the dinner - Normandy Pork - which also used up some apples from the miniature apple trees. Grandad commented that we were almost self-sufficient (this is a bit of an exaggeration) and that I did a good job using all the vegetables, he had enjoyed his dinner the previous evening. It is something to be considered that if you are going to grow fruit and veg you have to be ready to harvest it and cook it, practically a full time job in many full-time jobs is that! I love food and enjoy cooking and I am interested in using my produce creatively, the problem is having sufficient time or energy to do so.

Today the weather is fine, I can put washing out to dry and I start the day making comfrey liquid fertiliser. First I use some of the existing comfrey tea (which is quite old) to feed all of my containers, something I don't do enough and listening to Monty on Gardeners world had pricked my conscience. I then cut down all my comfrey, squashed it into the barrel and topped it up with water and left it to brew.

I then dead-headed the sweet peas which do look re-energised after the last session and heavy rainfall. Whilst at the fruit cage I pick a bowl of raspberries, which I decide to weigh (I've never done this before) they were 3lbs! If we keep producing like this we could make strawberry jam. Whilst watering the melons in the cold frame I notice the radishes (only sown on Monday) are already emerging - they are remarkably quick to germinate! I pick another three plums and give one to Patrick whilst helping him with the wall of the polytunnel - I am having to fill in as 'builders-mate' because everyone else is still away. The polytunnel wall looks brilliant and lets in far more light than the old polythene and I can see through it, even though the lines in the plastic distort what you can see. I am so pleased with the refurbishment so far, not only does the tunnel look so much better but it will also be much better for the plants.

I then set about weeding in the courgette beds (picking seven courgettes (I knew I wouldn't be ahead for long!) and the old onion beds. Later I picked my first batch of Borlotti beans which I can put in a large chilli con carne to welcome home Meave, Aideen and James this evening. Borlotti beans are my favourite bean... the Rolls Royce of the bean world and I'm glad to say that I think it will be a good crop this year...needless to say I sneaked two courgettes into the chilli! Late afternoon Emma and Bobby came over with Travis who is still working on the electrics and she did my hair. I gave them a box of strawberries for their tea.

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