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Boris the everlasting pumpkin


The weather forecast is bad today and there has been heavy rain over night. However, I have resolved to spending the day tidying up the vine mount area, this is in preparation for the weekend when we will be filling the first terrace with earth. Luckily, the rain holds off apart from fine drizzle and I start by removing some barrows of hardcore. Without fail, whichever builders we use and we only ever use bricklayers as we do everything else ourselves, they leave a horrendous mess. The last bit of brickwork to be done involved them working on the top terrace that we had filled with earth and compost last week. Despite us putting down boards for them to work on, the bed was full of mortar, sand and bits of brick, which was very demoralising as we had left it in a beautiful state. All the hessian covering the bricks had to be taken off so Patrick could cover the walls with polythene and the cover on the roof of the mushroom house had to be replaced as it was leaking. After preparing the dinner for later, I came back out to take away more hardcore and finally to dig over the whole of the first terrace. I did one half, and Patrick did the other. The soil was very compacted and covered in muck, partly due to the builders but also because of us pushing the barrows over it last weekend. Patrick and I finish digging as it becomes dark and starts to rain. I then go off to a rehearsal with Aideen. When we get back I notice that amazingly, the candle in the Boris pumpkin is still burning - the only one left - perhaps this is a sign?

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