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Bluebell planting


Thankfully the good weather continues today and the bricklayers return. They are quite surprised that we have managed to fill the top terrace with earth since they were last here. Chris comments that it must have been an awful lot of barrows of mud and then he remembers the terrible weather and looks quite shocked!

Despite quite a lot of interruptions I manage to go outside, and I carry on planting the daffodil/Narcissus mixed bulbs at the front of the house. These are the cheapest un-named collections that I can buy from Parkers because in this area I'm just keen to build up the quantity of daffodils and the varieties are not important. I manage to put in another 100 bulbs into the edge of the grass. This means this area has now had an extra 200 bulbs added to what was there already.

I then plant out some white phlox that has been given to me by someone in my choir and decide that I will plant the bluebells next. Last year, I planted 750 bluebells underneath our young oak trees. This year, the English Bluebell bulbs were more expensive, so I ordered 450 and I decided to plant them along the more shaded side of the three nut trees that grow on the way up to the bee area. I thought this would look nice for our visitors when I lead guided tours up to the bees, to walk past bluebells. Bluebell bulbs do vary quite a lot in size but they are much smaller than daffodil bulbs and I can use a different system for planting them. I use a spade to take out a section of soil/turf, and set out an area of bulbs, 15 at a time and then recover the area with soil. This is so much quicker than planting them individually and I finish planting all of the 450 bluebell bulbs and then I go inside to make dinner before I start teaching. Tonights dinner uses the first of the new butternut squashes. There is no egg from Pecky today, so we might be due to enter the period of the year that egg laying stops. I carry on looking at potential varieties of Grape Vine for Patrick's terraced mount - he now thinks we will need 30 in total.

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