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Birthday Hamper

10 November 2019

Today is another busy day that looks as if there will be no time for gardening, which is a shame because the sun is shining. However, this is good for Remembrance Sunday. I start by cleaning out the chicken, then head off to Church. Today, the service will include a short Remembrance service in the Anzac graveyard, where Diane will play the Last post on her antique pocket trumpet. It is a mystery to us how she manages to just pick up this ancient instrument and do this every year! ( she actually plays the Last Post three times over the weekend). Diane is a French Horn player who admittedly started on the Cornet when she was about 7 but she probably changed to the Horn at 8 or 9 and has not played the Cornet since except for “the last post” once a year.

After Church, we had a short window of time so Meave, Diane and I moved 320 bricks down into the Mushroom House so that they are ready to be paid on the floor at some time in the future. We then went into the Orchard to assist Patrick who was manically cutting grass on the tractor. The Gods had given him a long dry day before he has to go in for his operation and he was trying to get as much done as possible as he will be very restricted when he gets out. The girls raked leaves out of the stream, which is now in full flow after the heavy rainfall. If we don’t keep the stream clear, the drain will block and the middle of the Orchard will flood up with water very quickly.

I attend to the giant compost heap where Patrick is dumping load after load of cut grass and leaves from the tractor mower. The grass has all got to be thrown up on the heap and layered with shredded paper. This is to add Carbon to the compost mix to dilute the Nitrogen of the grass as it decomposes, and hopefully avoid a slimy mess. The heap is now considerably taller than me and about fifteen feet long but it will all settle down when we stop topping it up over the Winter months.

We have to go inside shortly before 2.00pm to grab lunch and go up to the Village to process to the Green for the Act of Remembrance beside the Village War Memorial at 3.00pm, where Diane plays the Last Post again.

On returning home, I decide to collect produce from the garden to make up a birthday hamper for my Sister because we are going out with her this evening, to celebrate her birthday (early). We are celebrating early because her actual birthday is on the same day as Patrick’s operation. I collect some potatoes, 2 butternut squashes, Chillis, Garlic, Shallots, Tomatoes, beetroot, leeks, a swede and a red cabbage, a selection of Kale and some Lemon Verbena, a box of eggs from Pecky and a jar of our own honey. I include two nice bottles of wine. Perhaps in a few years, we will be able to produce the wine from Church Gardens as well. We have a lovely evening out and she is delighted wither Hamper.

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