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Big Wind

5 July 2020

Today is a day of unseasonal strong wind. Wind is probably my least favourite weather because it can do so much damage. But apart from a few knocked over zinnias, we survive quite well. I think the pallet/organ pipe fence surrounding the pumpkin bed is doing a good job dissipating the strength of the wind and preventing harm to fragile stems. All day long my work outside was accompanied by the banging of the polytunnel windows and the jangling of the wind chimes. The wind can also bring on bouts of ‘cracker cat’ and Pip, who was ‘helping’ me in a flower bed, not satisfied with catching my hand (luckily safe in a glove for a change) also then grabbed my leg and then my arm… ouch! I think watching the Jungle Book with Grandad has had a bad influence on her – she now thinks she is a miniature black jaguar!

‘Team Patrick’ continue with their work on the wall. First, they remove and clean loose bricks from the top of the wall and pile them on the scaffolding ready for Mickey. Then, the go behind the wall to retrieve bricks – one section of wall is lying on the ground as it fell many years ago.

I concentrate my efforts on the two long fruit cage borders. These require weeding and new planting to be added. I also attend to the training of the ‘step over’ apples which are doing well and have quite a lot of fruit. A ‘step over’ fruit tree is trained to have only two main branches which are trained horizontally at a very low level (18”) on either side.

When I finish weeding both of the beds (20m x 1m), I plant in the unnamed dahlias, seven on each side. I then add six achilleas (gold plate) and five Lychnis – Molten Lava, 18 Geranium Versicolor and six Geranium Roxanne. The Geraniums have become quite straggly so I give each of them a careful haircut before planting, tomorrow I will infill the bed with cosmos.

Before going inside, I water the terraces of the mount and refill the water feature for the 3rd time today. On a windy day, the water blows out of the fountain resulting in a drop in water levels. Earlier in the day, when I was trying to secure the ‘strawberry’ grape vines planted round the top level of the mount, the wind was so strong that I was drenched by the spray of the water feature! The mount is now one of my favourite places in the garden. Partly because it is nice to be able to see out over the fields but also because it is a spot that inspires one to sit, reflect and contemplate life.

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