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Best Laid Plans


My plan for today included planting out early potatoes, the seedling onions, sowing some seeds of endive, parsley, and coriander and hopefully weeding the organ bed. However, it is quite wet today and I end up doing completely different things. I start by planting out the pulmonarias in the woodland beds surrounding the bee area. I then plant out 10 giant flowered day lilies into the middle ‘hot coloured’ triangles of the central borders. This can be tricky, because what looks like a gap now, could be hiding a gladioli bulb that has yet to emerge and I get very upset if I accidentally hit a buried bulb. Whilst in this area, I weed all the containers that sit under the arches and disaster strikes… I accidentally break a clematis’s main stem whilst pulling out a weed, I could have cried, I cannot bear damaging a plant. I then remember I haven’t planted the Oxalis bulbs and I decide to put these in the 4 sections at the start and finish of the central borders whilst the ground is soft. These were 20 Oxalis, Triangularis Purpurea and 100 Oxalis Iron Cross. Whilst putting the bulbs in, I also weeded the areas- which was another job that needed doing. Finally, 4 packs of plug plants arrived and although I had not intended to plant them out immediately, I have to pot up the 66 cosmos, Sonata Mix, because they have been badly shaken up in transit and have all fallen out of their planting cells. I have to finish earlier than I would like today because I have a hair appointment, so I reluctantly drag myself away at 5:00pm. My poor hairdresser must wonder why she bothers… she has given up asking when my hair is finished- “are you going anywhere nice later?” because my response is usually a cheery “no, just back outside”. Probably to be rained on and blown about!

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