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Bee Abundance!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Diane and I go out first thing and visit my favourite Nursery now called, 'Nik's Nursery' (this nursery was closed down last summer, but now Nik - the previous manager - has been given a 5yr lease by the new site owners to reopen under his own name). I am picking up some gravel for the children's garden path, some bark and a few more plants (surprise, surprise!) to add a bit of diversity to the children's 'pot' garden. I also ended up 'doing a deal' with Nik on and interesting 'cretan' type urn in a stand which Diane and I noticed lurking about in a working glass house. On our return, Patrick points out 'bee activity' behind the playhouse outside the corner of our walls outside the corner of our walls Diane and I go to investigate and find the 2nd swarm hanging just inside a hawthorn bush! We immediately call the 'swarm advice' line of our bee society and have a conversation with a man who we mistakenly thought was the man who had visited the previous day. We finally realise we are talking to Dave, Dave is Jon's (are usual 'bee man' who was on holiday in France) twin brother, the man who had visited to collect the first swarm was Pete. All very confusing! Dave promised to send someone out to us and amazingly Dave himself arrived in less than 1/2 hour... they really are the 'bee emergency service'. This swarm was straightforward to remove and he took them away in a box... possibly they might be returned to us as a 4th colony. I have some very pleasurable jobs to do today, now the Auricula theatre is finished, I can place the plants and other decorative items on the shelves. It is these times of intense pleasure that make hours of weeding completely worthwhile. The latter stages of the Auricula theatre construction did cause Patrick a big headache. I was keen for him to utilise some old 'pan' tiles (curved) that we had salvaged from a derelict outbuilding when we first moved in to Church Gardens. However working out how to hang them and cutting them to fit a tricky corner proved to be a nightmare! Diane helped him but the job took far longer than anticipated. I decided to keep out of the way as I wasn't very popular. The end result was fantastic, the little roof looks as if it has been there for every and only Patrick could have working out how to cope with those awkward tiles! It was a day for tiny roofs as he also finished the playhouse roof and has started to add extra structural support to this little building to help it bear the weight of its new 'old' tiled roof. The play house also looks brilliant and I spend some time potting up numerous plants for its tiny garden. I have to hold back on placing the pots in place whilst final bits of pointing are completed and cement dries... I cant wait to see the final results. I do get a lot done today, I weed the courtyard garden and the area round the bee enclosure (when the bees have gone to bed!). I also weed and add plants to the peach tree bed and I replant some containers. Many of the containers contain small tulips that have now finished so I decide to revive them and replant the tulips in the herbaceous borders to allow leave to die down naturally. We do have quite a lot of rain today, everyone got very wet... even I was diving in at one point to change my clothes, but the garden needs a good soaking!

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