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Bat in the bedroom


I am still tidying my music room…it takes a long time to sort music out properly…when I hear shouts and screams coming from the shower room. The shower is in the en-suite bathroom of my bedroom and a bat has flown into our bedroom (maybe disorientated by the storm) and it is sweeping the room at great speed and Aideen is too scared to come out of the shower room. As usual, I am being expected to deal with the bat. I am called to catch any creature that is in difficultly, be it a mouse, bird, rabbit, mole, frog, badger or large insect! I do not know why my children assume that a larger lady of my age and chronic clumsiness is the right person to catch speeding wildlife! I go in the room more to coax Aideen out of the shower room than to catch the bat. I am fairly used to bats, but it is disconcerting how fast and close they fly by your head. It is not true that they will get tangled in your hair but it is also not true that they never touch you and I felt the bat flutter past my fingers. I open all the windows as wide as possible, turn down the lights and extricate a squealing Aideen from the shower room and shut the door as best as I can…it has no latch or handle!

I have started the day at the end so I will now return to the beginning of what has been a very exciting day. Today was the most unbearable day yet, blisteringly hot with not a hint of a breeze. On my watering session this morning I decided to water the field border and luckily went right up to the end where the children’s’ garden is situated. Although I watered this spot the previous evening, I discovered an Annabelle Hydrangea in a perilous condition, leaves drooping and beginning to go brown, I gave it a good soak and we will have to hope it will survive.

Today, we are being visited by a man about moving a boat! I have now decided to reveal Aideen’s latest plan…she has decided to buy a boat! It is a Springer narrowboat, called Mayflower, which is the tiniest narrow boat available – 20ft long.

It is in need of extensive restoration and TLC and she wants to put it in the orchard, hopefully sited next to the pond, that we hope we will be allowed to create. I will then plant around it so it looks as if it is floating on the water. Aideen has known about the boat for some time, one of our choir members used to own narrowboats and has connections to Harefield Marina. In choir, he and Aideen sing the tenor part together and were obviously spending more time chatting about boats than singing! She has been desperate to acquire it for ages and this is now her ‘after finals’ project. She would like to operate a mini 'glamping' operation alongside her harp playing activities…musicians always need several strings to their bow! However, her plan could not go ahead if we couldn’t find somebody to move the boat, so today, a very helpful man came to check out the situation and decided he would be able to manoeuvre the boat onto our property safely, so now it is all steam ahead! Only one problem, we have several tonnes of York Stone to move out of the way first!

I caused much amusement this evening because I went out to water the vegetables and then it started to rain. I then continued to water in the rain…this is partly because I wasn’t sure whether to trust that the rain would continue and also because I believe that dampening the soil first helps the soil to absorb heavy rain. It then started to thunder and lightning and to rain very heavily…THANK GOD! It was very pleasant to stand outside allowing the rain to soak my clothes!

PS. Here is a video of the bees in the Russian Sage, (make sure your volume is up!)

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