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Banished to the basement


The weather carries on being wet and miserable and I decide to sort out the daffodil and tulip bulbs stored in the basement. These bulbs were dug up from the dahlia beds earlier in the year. These beds had been densely planted with white, pink and yellow tulips and white/pale yellow daffodils, at least 300 per bed (4 beds) and I dug them up together, mixed up.

April 2019 - Bulb display before they were dug up

I have decided to add these to the bulbs ordered for Patrick's Vine Mount, because he thought I hadn't ordered enough bulbs for his prize project. I've ordered more than 1000 tulip bulbs for the mount and these stored bulbs (at least 1200) will more than double what I will be planting. However, I needed to separate the daffodils and tulips in order to divide the daffodils evenly between the terraces. It also gave me an opportunity to sort out any rotten bulbs (there were hardly any) and I hope the remaining bulbs are viable. To my surprise, Andy arrives as promised to do some weeding despite the weather and I ask him to weed the beetroot and spinach bed. It is getting harder to find suitable beds for Andy to weed, because although there are lots of weeds to remove, a lot of the beds are too confusing for someone who is less certain about what is a weed and what is a seedling companion flower. But I am so grateful to have any help, and I am very pleased that Andy seems to enjoy his time in the garden.

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