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Badger in the Kitchen


I try to get outside as early as possible and I start by watering all the containers. It is very important to take notice of the weather at the moment as we've had very little rain and I keep noticing the soil in certain parts of the garden being extremely dry! I put another barrow of compost and ash onto the remaining fruit, which might help to hold in any moisture. The 'organ man' then arrives to do the next round of repair/improvements to the organ and Mark arrives to continue weeding. I put decoy butterflies over the cabbage bed and decide to start weeding the organ bed. After I finish teaching I remove borage that is over crowding the early potatoes in one of the beds and pot some of it up for the open day. That evening as I'm preparing dinner very late as usual there is a commotion in the garden and Bella appears in the kitchen carrying a baby badger which she drops on the mat. After getting over our shock, James and I put all the animals out, and I bring a cat basket to try and secure the badger who has an injured paw. I decide it is not wise to pick up the badger, even in a towel and it confirms this by growling at me! On returning with the cat basket the badger has pushed himself between some boxes in the larder. I decide to gently nudge him with the mop to make him reverse, hopefully into the cat basket. Miraculously this works and I close the door of the basket and put a towel over it and remove the badger to a dark quiet car room. We then call an emergency vet and soon the badger is on his way, driven to the vet by James and Aideen. The next morning the news is that the badger is doing well, and has been taken in by a wildlife charity until he recovers. Then hopefully he will be released back into our garden. This whole episode has been very unusual because in all the years of living here we have never even seen one of our badgers who live in the big sett under the wall. We only see badgers occasionally when they are walking back home down the track. We do hear them, badgers are very noisy, and we see the results of their excavations but there is no other interaction between humans, pets and badgers.

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