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Badger hunt!


The beautiful weather continues which is fantastic, but I am conscious that the garden is very dry - the grass in the orchard feels crispy underfoot! Therefore, I increase my watering, although now it is more for the benefit of the companion planting and the newly planted (if regularly dug up!) vegetables. The badger is coming in every night, so I decide to investigate where his entry point is. I notice a stash of sweetcorn stalks and chewed cobs that have been dragged into the back of the field border - this prompts me to explore the back of this border incase he has dug under the wall. This is easier said than done, this is my first border planted in 2015, and trying to insinuate myself behind the large bushy shrubs at the back of the border is difficult to say the least! I do not find a tunnel but I do discover another badger latrine under a budlejia bush. I then go out into the field and look on the other side of the wall - also not easy as there are stinging nettles and brambles on the field side. I do find a potential burrow at the top end of the wall, behind the playhouse, but on checking the garden side again, there is no evidence of entry at this point. I think he/she is simply coming through the gate and improving animal security will have to be a priority this winter. The weather is so beautiful that I decide to sit and enjoy it and finish reading my book. Not much point creating a lovely garden and not taking the time to enjoy it.

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