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Badger Attack

25 MARCH 2020

Why do badgers like Tulips? Today it has gone beyond a joke! I went out this morning to see several areas in the flower beds where digging has occurred overnight and the Tulips and flower bulbs that have been attacked are just left lying on the ground! I know, in the scheme of things it is not of major importance at the moment, but it is still frustrating to see probably about 30 Tulips unearthed before they have even had a chance to bloom.

The badgers have various potential entry points . We found two holes they have made in the fence at the end of the Kitchen Garden, so James boarded them up. We don’t have a gate in the opening between the Orchard and the Kitchen Garden as yet, so we have been blocking this each night with an old door – tonight we will add a concrete block for additional support. We don’t usually shut the gate from the Courtyard into the Kitchen Garden but we will tonight. Finally, we will also shut the gate between the Kitchen Garden and the front lawn so it will be interesting to see if there is any more damage in the morning.

The weather was beautiful again today, almost warm enough for shorts, with a clear blue sky above. Bella (the dog) is finding it quite hard to find an aeroplane to chase (her favourite exercise) – there are not many up there at the moment. It is so much quieter than normal and apart from early in the morning, there is almost no traffic noise, which would be lovely if it was all for a different reason.

I continued planting out my Ammi, Rose Campion and Antirrhinum into the lowest level of the vine mount and at the end of the day, I weeded the bed of oldest raspberries and brought wood ash from the bonfire round to put on them. Ash is one of the things we are collecting in our new Compost Yard, together with big piles of leaf mould and massive compost heaps to which we add shredded paper as we add in the new grass cuttings. We have also gathered up a pile of rotting logs which we plan to make into some sort of “bug hotel".

It is lovely to spend extra time outside, especially now that the daylight hours are extending – we stay out most evenings until about 7pm. I can see that Patrick is enjoying more time in the garden and I just pray that he stays well. I firmly believe that the British love of gardening will be one of the main things that gets people through this terrible ordeal.

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