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Half term is over, but it cannot be described as a break! While we were in Bristol, Patrick has put up the bean poles, so the plan today is to plant the runner beans. Before I do this, I want to soak the bed and cover it with compost, to theoretically, hold in at least some moisture. What follows is another lengthy argument with the hose pipe. I would like to use my new expandable hoses, but they are not long enough and I waste a lot of time trying to connect them, but I do not have the correct connectors and it fails. I return to my old hoses with all of their idiosyncrasies and finally succeed in soaking the bed. I then barrow in four barrows of compost - it is a big bed - from the far end of the orchard - a five to ten minute round trip! I then become distracted by re-potting various plants that have out grown their trays. I finally attempt to remove two root trainers full of runner beans from the polytunnel bed - these require extensive untangling from each other and to the tomato supports! By this time my gardening time is fast disappearing and I only manage to plant one half of one root trainer before I have to begin teaching. This is very frustrating as the unplanted beans now look quite miserable, this is because they had rooted into the ground under their root trainers, and I have disturbed them by moving them from the polytunnel, and I have not got them back into the soil. They are now making me feel very guilty! When I come outside after teaching at about 9:30pm the beans still look unhappy and I also notice the newly planted turnips are wilting - I hastily water them! Tomorrow we are having to go back to Bristol for Diane's final performance... and I have just heard that we have to leave a lot earlier than I had originally thought, I am not happy - thinking about my beans and turnips - I decide to get up really early and try to plant the beans before we leave.

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