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Back to weeding!


It is a lovely day today and I make the most of it because heavy rain is forecasted over the coming days. I am back to weeding in the vegetable garden in the potato quarter and this is the section where most of the main beds are infested with 'field' bind weed! This weed is a menace and can never be fully removed, the roots are always in the soil. Because the job has been delayed, all the potatoes are horrendously entangled with bind weed. IT takes me all day to clear these beds and I also notice that our old foe, the boxtree moth caterpillar, is back in the hedge! We knew we had to respray but we were not sure when and there is little point spraying when there is heavy rain! Sadly this horrible pest doesn't worry about the weather and this second batch of caterpillars is already starting to cause damage! We will spray at the weekend on the first fine day.

I also spend some time dead-heading - my chief dead-header is in Venice! I've said this before, but I could literally employ someone full-time to just 'dead-head'!!! I dead-head the Gazanias in the fruit cage border and the dahlias. A special treat for today was picking the first three ripe plums off the Victoria Plum tree. I ate two of them and gave one to Patrick to cheer him up. He tried to work on the wall of the polytunnel this evening but has been delayed by having to replace rotten timbers. This is unsurprising considering it was put up in 2005, but very frustrating for him. He now has a very sore arm to contend with - we think he strained muscles stretching to fix the sheets on the roof of the polytunnel.

Tonight I cook salmon with basil accompanied by cooked beetroot, courgettes in butter and garlic and fried potatoes - Lovely!

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