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It is a glorious day, warm and sunny and a clear blue sky. When I get back from Music school I weed the rose bed. Surprisingly the young stock plants are flowering. It is really worth cutting back any earlier flowering plants, because they then give you a second display later in the season. This has also happened with the flax, cat mint and apparently it will also work with Delphiniums - if I cut them right down to the base they will regrow according to the gardeners at Highgrove, I will definitely try this next year. I am feeling quite lazy in the sun and I read my book for a while, a true luxury and dose a bit in the warmth. I contemplate on my approach to life and conclude I am certainly better off with no mobile phone and avoiding emails (I believe trying to answer incessant emails paralyses most businesses). I also conclude that my rather poor memory is also useful for forgetting things that have annoyed or upset me! I consider myself to be very lucky to live the life I live and have the choice to largely avoid some of these modern day trappings.

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