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Aunty Jean is coming to Church Gardens

26 November 2019

After a rather disturbed night, having gone to bed very late and having to keep getting up to check on Grandad and then getting up early, I spend the day receiving visits from Carers, Physios, and Social Services – all lovely people but quite overwhelming for me, let alone my Dad. I keep hoping to get outside but I am afraid I might miss someone coming to the door and as it is, the District Nurse, who is the main person we needed to see, never arrived.

During the day, I speak to my Aunt about the possibility of her coming to live with Dad in his house and us caring for them together. She is absolutely delighted with the idea, which is very touching, so we now have to put the wheels in motion to make this happen. We get through the day successfully, but poor Dad is exhausted. Luckily, I have a break in the middle of my teaching so I give him some dinner (he is still barely eating but he will drink a Complan drink) and I put him to bed early.

One of my long standing pupils ( I have taught her since she was five), counted up all of the people and animals who are now in the household and potentially my aunt as well, and came to thirteen -she thought I was crazy!. She could be right – we will have to take it one day at a time. However, I do believe that Church Gardens is a very special place, without wishing to be too sentimental. It embraces the people and animals that live here. We know we are very lucky to be able to live here and are very fortunate to have the space to accommodate everyone. Also the fact that lots of us live here is an advantage when caring for someone and I am sure that everyone will do their bit.

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