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Any help gratefully received!


The weather forecast is rather worrying, but the day starts fine. Mark has come today to help and is looking for promotion from weeding. I give him the job of barrowing compost to put on the 3 beds that Aideen and Meave cleared on Sunday and I allow him to use my best golden. Japanese shovel - he seems satisfied with this and says it is more intellectually stimulating ! I am just pleased someone else is shifting the compost, it is heavy work, not ideal for me with tonsillitis!

Mark is not with us for long but I'm very grateful for any help that will speed up the planting process. I then plant out 12 Courgette plants (yes I'm sure we will have too many courgettes) I then add, for edible decoration, a tray of ruby chard and the swiss chard plants that have not gone to seed from another tray. The problem with being delayed in 'planting out' is that plants become too crowded in their tray and 'go to seed'. Like Kale, I grew extra chard plants to use decoratively - I have other chard to plant out in their own bed. I then decide to plant most of my remaining Zinnias into the courgette beds - this will probably be more than 60 plants and should look fantastic - last year I only had a handful of Zinnias. My plan, this year, was always to grow as much extra companion flower plants as possible to fill the vegetable garden to overflowing! So far this is working well, most things have survived and are getting planted out in time ( despite cutting my head open and catching tonsillitis!) But I do feel right on the edge of keeping up and I have to make an extra push to get all the dahlias and cannas into their beds.

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