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Antirrhinum marathon


Today is being called ‘Super Saturday’ because it is the day that lockdown is being quite substantially relaxed. This means different things to different people. James did disappear first thing this morning to get his hair cut but despite seeing people outside Weatherspoons drinking a pint for breakfast, he returned to us (good boy!) to join ‘Team Patrick’ who spent the day putting up an 18m section of scaffolding to enable the repair of the top of the wall.

I decided that ‘Super Saturday’ would be the day that I finally sorted out the vine mount. I started by finishing the last bit of weeding that was left from yesterday and today I did relent and put gloves on. I felt I’d had a big enough stinging nettle dose yesterday! After completing the weeding, the Antirrhinum planting marathon began. I ended up planting five and a half trays c.220 plants! I cut all the plants down in the hope that this will improve their chances of survival. It was a cool and drizzly day so this should also help the settling in process. When I finished planting all the antirrhinums I then planted three trays of zinnias c.120 plants amongst them. By the time I had finished, I was exhausted. The terraces are an awkward place to plant things, but another frustrating issue is that the beds are so packed with bulbs, which are now breaking the surface of the soil because the compost has settled. Every hole I dig inevitably unearths a bulb that needs to be replanted! After this has occurred 340 times, one begins to feel a little jaded! Each hole then needs to be filled with water to soak into the soil, it truly was a marathon. I am very happy to say I finished the job and then went inside to put on the dinner – chicken, olives and pasta which includes a butternut squash and lots of basil from the polytunnel. The new squash and pumpkin plants are now really beginning to grow and we haven’t lost a single plant – they can get snapped by the wind or Bella the dog! I then have a hot bath and a lemon verbena tea – my idea of a ‘Super Saturday’… bliss!

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