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Alpine bed maintenance


I start the day with a big bowl of fruit, mainly raspberries but also lovely guava berries for breakfast with Greek yogurt and Church Gardens honey…delicious! The rain holds off and I start work on the Alpine bed. I remove some plants that have self seeded and shouldn’t be in this bed eg. An achillea and a Californian poppy - they can’t be allowed to stay because they get too big and will cover up their more delicate neighbours. Other plants that were officially present in the bed have also reproduced and are threatening to take over so I dig up some of their progeny and replant them in other parts of the garden that need more plants. I then carry out any necessary weeding, cut back plants that have finished flowering and retrieve any nice shells that have been covered by spreading alpines. I finish by putting fresh gravel on ay disturbed areas. It looks lovely when I’ve finished and I reflect on what a fantastic addition to the garden the alpine beds have been. They look good all year round, because many of the plants are evergreen and have very attractive foliage and shapes. There is flower colour for much of the year as well - it is probably the most consistently beautiful part of the garden and well worth a days careful maintenance!

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