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Aideen to the rescue!


I am up early for another blood test - cholesterol - nurse comments that the cotton wool used to clean my arm (this is after a shower!) is a bit brown - is it fake tan she says... you can imagine my reply! Before going to the nurse, James, Aideen and I tried to take some good photos of the garden because they have decided we should enter The Daily Mail Gardens Competition. Whilst walking around I notice my New Guinea Impatiens in containers at the top of the vegetable garden have wilted terribly, despite having been watered the previous day. The temperature is stupidly high - too hot for everyone, plant or human. I get quite upset - I physically cannot water anymore than I am - I cannot water twice a day - although I do this with the polytunnel. I think this makes an impression on Aideen because she offers to do the watering later than evening which she spends hours on - bless her.

During the day I plant out the new plants in the Manuka beds with my remaining bedding, some seascape salvias and some rudbeckias. I know I am taking a risk because the temperature is soaring day by day - but I have little choice - it reminds me of last year. I then put canes into all the planting holes for the pumpkins - this is to guide where to direct the hose when watering. The pumpkin patch is already one big sea of leaves and it is hard to know where to direct the water!

I then attend a retirement 'do' at Harefield Infants for our lovely Headmistress and her Head of Junior School. Because Aideen watered I had extra time and I was able to plant out containers. I cut back the silver plant in the terracotta urns by the pond and added geraniums and also finished the planter stands. I plant these pots by the light of the sensor controlled pond lights, which was quite entertaining being plunged into darkness every few minutes. I finish by helping Aideen with the watering.

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