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Aideen's Revised List!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It started to rain late morning and continued all day. I decided to ignore the weather (I don't fancy more housework!) and change into waterproof trousers and jacket, and put my radio under its tarpaulin and continue weeding! I make good progress in the onion quarter despite the weather, I finish the ornamental beds and weed the beans, and tie in their companion planting of cupcake cosmos - these look a bit like double frilly cake cases - Godetia and Californian poppies, everything is floppy because of the rain. I am also deadheading as I go, literally hundreds of Calendula and Californian poppies. Aideen and James ventured out for a bit and Aideen started weeding the fruit cage and did some dead heading. James helped Patrick in the afternoon - the polytunnel looks better everyday and it is so much lighter. I hadn't realised how opaque the old polythene had become. Weirdly, the outside lights decided to work this evening, but James discovered the source of the fault. One of the fountain lights was full of water. During my weeding, I came across a huge 'wasp' spider - they are dramatically marked with yellow and black stripes and this one was huge! I am pleased with my progress, but I come in at 7:00pm ( I started at 8:00am) because I am cold and wet. Aideen calls a family meeting in the extension to write a revised list of what we can realistically complete before the open day. Even the revised list is still quite long!

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