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Aideen’s first adventures in jam making

Updated: Jun 17, 2020


There were a lot of family matters to deal with today, but it is good that we are all together to support each other. However, I did still get a few jobs done – I dead headed all the sweet peas around the fruit cage – no mean feat, and then went inside the fruit cage to cut off any sweet pea pods sticking through the netting. When I came out of the fruit cage door Minxy (the cat queen) ran inside and completely refused to come back out, so I had to leave her inside whilst I went to get dad up. She was released, meowing loudly a short time later by Diane. Later, I deadheaded all the roses (c.100 bushes) in the fruit tree border which along with the peonies have been badly battered by the weather.

I gathered up the giant chard in the big green barrow and then removed all the broad bean plants, and more importantly, their canes. This meant I now had enough canes to finish adding them to the pumpkin bed. I use the canes as markers to help me direct the hose when watering amongst what will eventually be a ‘sea of leaves’. I also pop fake butterflies on wires into the top of the canes, these will quiver when you hit the cane with water so you know that you’ve hit the right spot.

Today I finally managed to speak to a doctor about Jean, who confirmed that her present treatment will continue for several weeks. The doctor was very helpful, we spoke for quite a while about all of Jean’s issues, it was very reassuring that she is being so carefully looked after.

I’m please to say, there was another very heavy shower of rain, during which I re-potted two 84 cell trays of zinnias into bigger 40 module trays. These little plants were quite root bound so I’m not sure how well they will do in the longer term and zinnias do not appreciate disruption, but I’m hoping this will boost them a little.

Meave and Aideen do some weeding, but everyone is a bit distracted today. Aideen picks lots of strawberries and unearths my preserving pan because she wants to try and make jam. She also finds a recipe for gooseberry and lime jam which sounds lovely and we do have a lot of gooseberries.

It is good to see the first raspberries are beginning to ripen on the established raspberry bushes. I think raspberries are my favourite fruit!

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