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Aideen’s final, Final Recital

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Today is a momentous day, not only have we had some decent rainfall, but Aideen has managed to record her final recital. This is the third and final version (we hope), she has already had to submit two pre-recitals. It has been a much harder task than Aideen and Guildhall anticipated. Firstly, to organise the technology to a high enough standard to record the harp properly, so the full range of dynamics and tone can be heard – thank you James. Also, it has proved very challenging to record long sections of extremely difficult music in one ‘go’. This situation is unlike any other that a professional musician is likely to face. It is not the same as a live performance and it is not the same as making a recording where editing is possible. Aideen is not the only musician in these present times struggling with this new system and it has been exhausting mentally and physically. Now I don’t think she can believe it is over. The final recording is beautiful, and we hope to share it on our website, it will make all that hard work worthwhile and go some way to make up for performing her final recital to no audience.

Today I did start outside, before the rain set in, and I started renewing the planting in the containers that sit at the foot of the arches on the central path. This is partly again to rescue plants in distress. My tray of bacopa (grown from seed) kept drying out in the cold frames, and I didn’t want them to become root bound. I had an interesting idea, and decided to sit a succulent in a terracotta pot, on the soil surface of the container and add my bacopa, some petunias and the surviving pansies around it. The effect was unusual but I liked the ‘look’. I have lots of succulents, these were propagated last year, so it’s good to use them in different ways and they will cope well if it becomes hot and dry again.

I was then driven inside the tunnel by the rain, I started by weeding in the big side border, and I took more plants outside, the three bananas, the plumbago and three large dahlias and a canna. This was to free up as much space as possible to plant out the basil. But first, I had some random climbers grown from seed that I wanted to plant along the tunnel wall, two Glory Vines, Chilean Fire, two Asarina Scandens Vintage and one Canary Creeper.

I then started planting out the basil – one 84 cell tray of mainly green but also 9 red basil plants and another 84 cell tray from which I planted the Greek, Thai, Lettuce and Lemon basil, but I did not plant out the Cinnamon basil plants and some of the Green basil because they were still quite small. These basil plants will eventually go into the space that will be vacated by the broccoli when it is finished. I finished my work outside by repotting the little basil plants in a larger celled tray and I finished doing the same for some cosmos. I decide to come in earlier than usual and it is very satisfying to see that it is still raining!

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