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Aideen is blossoming into a gardener!

The early part of today is cloudy and a little cooler, much more comfortable for plants and humans. I started the day with loads of watering, until 12:20. It is very important that I keep the organ bed with its newly planted impatiens well watered - these plants which were 'pot-bound' will become stressed really quickly. I become a bit distracted by dead heading pansies and other small jobs. I cut back all plants, mainly flax, around the Manuka plants and I decide to reuse all of the pea sticks removed from the pea bed, to support the dwarf French Beans and Godetia. I also put some sticks in the Quinoa bed. Aideen is being a great help (we have lost Diane again, she has gone to Nottingham for an interview). Aideen persuades James to help with the dead heading, I suggest they could be nicknamed after the plant that they are deadheading...James could be called 'Calendula' - sounds rather like the name of a Roman Emperor and Aideen could be called 'Sweet Pea'. When I am teaching, Aideen weeds and waters the fruit cage. She shows great initiative, and ties up the blackberries without being asked! Then Patrick, James and Aideen make a start on the polytunnel by fixing cross struts on the roof.

After I finish teaching, I attempt to tie up an achillea which has become horribly untidy. But it ends up looking terrible, and I get into a bad mood. I am frustrated because I requested extra supports, from my technical department, (Patrick), for these monster plants early in the year, and unfortunately my pleas were overlooked. Now the plants are huge and untidy and it is hard to deal with them...string will not solve this problem!

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