• Kay

A windy planting day


It is very windy today, it feels like a storm could be coming. I spend all day planting the things from Violeta’s garden. I trim back the anemones and add them to my existing anemones in the field border. I plant the nerines in the flower bed to the side of the back door. Violeta’s nerines are a strong pink and I have a pot full of pale pink nerines from Roz’s garden which I place on the bed on the other side of the back door. They look beautiful amongst the white and blue salvias and purple verbenas. I hope they establish in these beds because they must be one of the loveliest late flowering bulbs. I then plant the white spotty leaved pulmonarias and wild cyclamen alongside the fence in the organ bed. This is a shady area which was in need of extra planting and these plants sit well amongst the foxgloves which are starting back into growth - I have apricot foxgloves to add to this area as well. When I had finished planting - I put the beautiful pale blue plumbago and the gloriosa lilies into the tunnel, and I finished bringing in the succulents. I finished the day by harvesting the last borlotti beans and I brought some of them along to the rehearsal this evening to give to Mark, along with tomatoes, chillies and courgettes.

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