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A very long day!


I had decided yesterday that I would put a long day in today and I'm outside soon after 8:00am. I must try and plant as much as possible as I'm desperate to clear things out of hte polytunnel so I can plant out chillis, peppers and aubergines. I start by planting 64 lemon sherbet cosmos in the long borders surrounding the fruit cage. Then I plant 40 Antirrhinum into the shorter borders around the fruitcage. When Meave comes home from her second night out I persuade her to weed inside the fruitcage - my plan is to then water the fruit thoroughly and give it a mulch of compost mixed with some wood ash. Everything is doing well in the fruit cage except the new raspberries which look quite pitiful compared to my existing raspberries. Some of the new canes actually look dead. I decide to cut any fruit off them so they can put their full energy into growth and root formation.

James and Patrick start cutting the hedge which is a huge job, but when its done we can spray the hedge with the organic spray to hopefully kill the caterpillars.

I then move over to the Brassica area and plant out a tray of calabrese and broccoli and a few Zinnia into the Elephant garlic. I then focus on the red cabbage bed - I plant out two trays of red cabbage - 5 different varieties this year. Red cabbage is a beautiful plant and I love eating it. I arrange the bed alternating with marigolds and in the middle some Dwarf green curly Kale and red calendula, this will hopefully look really pretty when it grows.

I have a few cosmos plants struggling in a modular tray that is too small for them so I add them to the sage beds. I have now planted out about 6 trays which will really improve things in the polytunnel. I finish up - (light is fading fast) with soaking the fruit cage and collecting a barrow of compost mixed with wood ash to put on the raspberries (fruit do benefit from Potash). I then help Patrick and James pick up the hedge clippings. The hedge still looks good despite the caterpillars, so we wont give up on it yet! By the time I go in it is about 10:00pm, a long day but lots achieved!

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