• Kay

A very hot and humid day

I'm glad to say it rained last night and coming out into the garden this morning it felt like a rainforest - you can practically see things growing! I notice the first waterlilly has opened, white and beautiful! I start by sorting out the bulbs that Aideen has dug up, arranging them in trays to dry and finding space for them in the basement/root cellar. I then move all the remaining plants off the polytunnel bed in preparation for planting out the Basil. Some plants have rooted into the soil - like the White Bacopa - and are very overdue for planting out. I take these out to plant in the 6 containers at the foot of each arch in the central path. Unfortunately two of these containers are infested with ants who proceed to crawl all over me while I try to plant the Bacopas...yuk! I also planted out 8 Ricinus plants which I felt were becoming stunted in their pots - these have been placed at the point of the hot coloured triangles on the central borders. I then planted out a tray of Summer Savory - which I have now realised is an annual. I planted this for a good reason - which I now can't remember! - it was a tip in a seed catalogue (T&M) which I now can't find! I think it was to deter a pest - maybe aphids? I decide to plant it around the courgette beds. I remove 8 'Hares tail' grasses from a 'rooted in' tray and plant one at each end of the 4 fruit cage beds. The rest of the plants I position carefully on the polytunnel bench. I finish up by raking out the compost on the Dahlia beds. I finish teach at 8:30pm and go back outside to the polytunnel. It is beautifully peaceful, just the sound of birdsong, trickling water from the fountain and a very delicate ringing from the wind chimes in the faint breeze - beautiful. I weed the whole polytunnel side border and plant out the basil in two areas, making a pattern with the many different varieties and planting a Sandersonia Aurantiaca, with its beautiful lantern flowers in the centre of each pattern. I come in at 10:00pm because the light is fading fast and the lights do not work in the polytunnel at the moment!

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