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29 MARCH 2020

I do not feel brilliant this morning, plus the clocks went forward, reducing still the amount of sleep I have had, plus it is really cold, even with the odd flurry of snow!. The rest of the family head off determinedly into the Orchard to build the new shed in the Compost Yard. I decide to retreat to my Polytunnel. This is a very nice place to be on a cold day, because any sunshine soon warms it up and I have got plenty to do.

I start by tidying up – there are heaps of planting trays left on the work bench after I planted out all of the ground cover perennials on the Vine Mount. I then pot up the Candelabra Primulas and Tricyrtis Lillies that arrived from Parkers yesterday. I then retrieve the four big trays of Begonia tubers that had been overlooked in the basement, some of which have started to bud and I got these all potted up. Finally I start to pot up the various giant lilly bulbs, starting with the Giant Oriental Lillies. I have decided to pot them up first in deep pots, left over from the Vines, rather than plant them straight into the garden. This may not be a wise decision but I have had very mixed results with growing Lillies in our garden. My Foxtail Lillies for example have never produced more than a few leaves! I would like to see that they are up and running before I plant them outside.

Having spent some time reading my Botanical Brian Balms book last night, I decide to try a tea made of Rosemary, Sage and a Nettle leaf, all of these plants are supposed to improve memory and boost wellbeing…well it certainly tasted very pleasant.

During the afternoon, I paid several visits to the Orchard and progress with the shed was very good. At the end of the day the walls were built and erected. We finish the day looking at the fallen wall and the end of the Orchard and discuss how to start making preparations for it’s restoration.

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