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A tired day


I had high hopes for today but unfortunately I seem to feel particularly tired. Being tired and achy is a fairly standard McHugh condition, but normally my enthusiasm for the day carries me through any lethargy or discomfort, and I get completely distracted by the day’s tasks. However, this doesn’t work every day.

One positive thing I have noticed about lockdown, is that there is more time to talk as the girls are around all the time, and as lots of things are going on, we find ourselves talking more than usual. I have really appreciated this time with my family and I believe it has been good for us all. So today has been more of a day for talking than gardening, which is probably a good thing. When I did go outside, I continued to sort out the cannas and dahlias and I did finally finish the job. They are now all sorted according to colour, and the tops of their pots are relatively clear of weeds. I now need to decide where everything is going. There are four quite large display beds for dahlias at the two entry points to the vegetable garden, close to the fountain, and four smaller display beds on the other side of the fountain. These will take most of the dahlias. The cannas usually occupy the back triangular areas in the central borders on either side of the pampas grasses: to give a tropical look. The present dilemma is that these areas have become smaller because the pampas grasses are growing and there are three small palms (one died) already occupying the spaces and 3 bananas to fit in (there really needs to be four, a visit to Nik’s nursery may be required). The cannas have grown and multiplied in number, I will not be able to fit all the cannas into these spaces, so where should I put them? I decide it might be nice to add the smaller cannas to the four smaller display beds to combine with the dahlias. I will continue to place some large cannas that will have impact at the back of the central borders and then any spare cannas and dahlias could be planted along the long fruit cage borders. I decide this is a good solution, particularly for the dahlias that have lost their labels and I don’t know what colour they are. Now I just have to get up tomorrow feeling rejuvenated and plant them all!

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