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A Satisfactory day’s work.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

James’s parents come over again today because James and his dad are still trying to get the buggy to work, I feel very sorry for them because they are both very experienced at working on engines but the buggy is being very awkward! However, there is a plus side to all this buggy maintenance…Janet comes too! Today she brings strawberry jam that she has made from our strawberries, and then she disappears into the garden. I discover her in the celery bed weeding, she had started weeding this bed on her last visit and had just gone outside and carried on weeding. Well I can’t think of a more welcome visitor…someone who starts weeding without being asked!!!

I start work in the bean/onion quarter today. First I remove the monstrous chard plants that have gone to seed around the peas and broad beans. I then take out the pea plants – these have now finished but they still have quite a lot of peas, some semi-dry, attached to them. I will remove them to use them in a casserole. My plan is to start planting some of the tall cosmos around the two large beds of runner beans and borlotti beans, and I can use the now redundant pea sticks to support them. Whilst doing this I also generally weed the beds and sweep up. These beds are susceptible to field bindweed and can get over run with self-seeding borage. Janet also weeds around my small patch of spinach before she leaves which enables me to plant out my new tray of spinach. However, a lot of the spinach in the bed and the tray are already going to seed due to the warm weather - I think in future I will only grow spinach early in the year. I then decide to plant my tray of nasturtiums underneath the sweetcorn, this gives good ground cover and can help to supress weeds.

During this time, Aideen has helped by bringing the succulents out of the polytunnel, and then she decides to paint the caravan. The caravan is to be painted dark green as part of our mission to turn it into a ‘wildlife hide’. She is assisted with this job later in the day by Meave and James. At first, it looks terrible, but after a few coats it looks quite good and James says “I think all caravans should be green!”. Later in the day we bring Grandad out for a walk and an ice cream and Patrick’s sister Mary joins us for a socially distanced cup of tea. There was some thunder in the evening and a heavy shower of rain – the perfect end to a day.

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