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A rather unproductive but sociable day

Good news, it has rained overnight so I only have to water polytunnel and melons - melons in the cold frame are doing very well and have filled their section, I ask Patrick to remove the partition so they can roam further! I carried out my morning090- inspection of Brassicas for caterpillars and discovered that they enjoy eating Kale as well - I had wondered if they might find Kale less palatable...obviously not! As I pick off the voracious creatures I mused how does Villandry manage. Ornamental brassicas are a fundamental part of their incredible display in their giant vegetable garden and they obviously do not use nets, maybe they spray? Is it too late to cover my brassicas now, the die is cast, and I will just have to be diligent with my 'picking off'. I am still pleased that my brassicas are on show and even enviro-mesh doesn't prevent everything, as some pests overwinter in the soil and slugs and snails still get in and damage can be occurring under the cover without you noticing!

I had to go out in the morning with Diane, so I paid a visit to Nik's nursery, ostensibly for string and cheap marigolds, but I come away with 5 dahlias, some begonias, 2 lewisias, a random succulent and a lonely perennial did that happen!!!

I had just started planting the marigolds when Emma and baby Bobby arrived for a visit and they become our focus for the next few hours. Our visitors do help distract Diane who is worried sick about the horses, which have disappeared from the field again and were spotted on the roads opposite us early in the morning (pictures on Facebook) but with one missing...they have then mysteriously disappeared!

After our visitors leave, I manage to plant out all the new plants before it gets dark. However, all in all it has not been a very productive day, but it is worth it if we have given Emma a bit of respite from caring for a very fretful baby (mainly on her own) at least for a few hours.

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