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A New Norm

3 APRIL 2020

We do seem to be achieving a new norm in the mornings. As long as I have enough help, we can get Jean ready for the day successfully and thankfully we both had more sleep last night.

My plan today is to finish off the inside of the Fruit Cage and to give all of the remaining fruit a good dose of wood ash. This inevitably took longer than expected, but everything looks much better when I finish. I am also hoping that the ash may serve as a deterrent to slugs and possibly woodlice that both like to have a go at the Strawberries… well, I can dream of having the magic answer to this! I have remembered that I have ordered some new varieties of Strawberries with different coloured flowers from Garden Organic some time ago and they have not arrived. I will have to chase this up which I will have to do by email, as mail order horticulture companies are over run at the moment unlike Garden Centres, who can not function. Not that I really need more Strawberry plants, but I like the look of the flowers and I thought that they could grow in baskets hanging from the roof of the Fruit Cage. I am also considering some form of watering system for the Fruit Cage to try to reduce my watering burden in the Summer – I will have to talk to Patrick to get his thinking cap on about this.

I had intended to plant seeds today but the sun is shining and I am desperate to tidy up all the beds around the outside of the Fruit Cage which house the Step Over Apples and Pears. I manage to complete one bed and start on another.

More and more Tulips are opening up now everywhere in the garden which is lovely. Some brilliant red ones near the Fountain and some tiny white and yellow varieties that flower close to the ground and look like Water Lilies in the Alpine Beds are my favourites at the moment.

Aideen decides to have a day away from the Harp and she and James start digging out the route for a new path to link the main entrance area and the Kitchen Garden. As you might expect, our Open Days attract many elderly visitors and quite a few with wheelchairs so we are trying to provide much easier access for them in future. We also lay out a massive loop of water pipe from the Workshop to the Apiary and then up through the Orchard to the Compost Yard. Putting this in will involve digging a very long trench but one of the positive things about having the family at home, as they all gradually become furloughed, is that there are many extra hands available to help and make these bigger jobs feasible. It is good to have something to distract us from the troubles of the outside world, at least for now.

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