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10 APRIL 2020

Our life feels like a rollercoaster at the moment, every good day seems to be followed by a bad day. I have a very bad night particularly with my dad, he became very confused in the early hours. By late morning it became clear that he had a UTI and I attempted to contact the district nurse and then our GP. Dad had a fall after lunch and luckily later in the afternoon we managed to get a district nurse to visit who changes his catheter, and shortly after that I made contact with the GP to get a prescription of antibiotics. Unfortunately, dad tried to walk, forgetting to use his frame later in the evening, and took another fall. It then became clear that for the moment someone is going to have to sit with them both all of the time. This is pretty devastating but unfortunately until dad comes back to his senses it is probably necessary.

Whilst all of this is going on the sun shines on oblivious to all the chaos and misery going on in the world.

Some more plants arrive from Parkers and in between my running backwards and forwards to the Annexe I did pot some of them up. Patrick, James, Diane, and later in the day Aideen carried on with tiling the mount and it looks fantastic.

Meave finished spraying the box hedge for box tree moth caterpillar and she also cleared one bed for potato planting. At the end of the day I watered the onions, garlic, broad beans and peas but this was before dad took his second fall. God knows what tomorrow will bring.

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