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A more restful day.

22 APRIL 2020

A little bit of confusion over the night shift last night. Diane had kindly offered to sleep in the Annexe one night, but thinking she had gone to bed I trudged over and settled myself down only to be woken at 1am by Diane who thought she was on duty so we swapped and I ‘sleep walked’ back to my own bed!

The morning duties took 2 hours because Wednesday is catheter-leg-bag-change-day (probably too much information – sorry!) I have to organise a visit from the district nurse because the skin on the back of Jean’s thighs is broken because of her latest habit of pushing herself forward in the chair to scratch her back or legs. It is a very depressing situation, Jean (who has dementia) does not understand why her legs are covered in big lumps (she has Venus eczema caused by heart failure) and she thinks she is smoothing them out, she is not scratching because they itch. I have explained a hundred times but she doesn’t remember. All we can do is attempt to distract her, put a glove on her hand and try to repair the damage.

By the time I have finished I am feeling quite weary and I resolve to have a more restful day. I have been meaning to try and take a nap/break during the day since I started my night time care duties in January. It sounds like a good idea but I always seemed to be too busy or to have too many gardening things that I wanted to do. Since being on lockdown I have thought now could be the time to take a siesta especially as the weather is so lovely, but again, I carried on being too absorbed in the garden to put the idea into practice… but today I decide is ‘nap day’.

But first… I sow five 84 module trays to go in the propagator. One of violas, (Tricolor and Bambinos), pansies, (Blue Joker and Frou Frou), two trays of zinnias (Early Wonder, Oklahoma, Illumination, Dahlia Flowered, Orange King, Giant Double and Jazz) and two trays of cosmos, (Seashell Red, Tetra Versailles Flush, Razzmatazz, Apollo White, Mixed, Daydreams and Polidor).

I then go to find a duvet, pillow and a book and take them to a spot in the field at the front of the house under some young Acer trees – a nice spot of dappled sunlight. I settle down with my book – a P G Wodehouse, recommended by Radio 4 Bookclub as the perfect escapist literature. I am soon joined by Minxy the cat, who thinks mummy nesting in a duvet in the sun is a brilliant idea, Pip the cat, attempts to join me as well but she has to give Minx a wide berth otherwise they will fight. It is really warm and comfortable and I fall asleep only to be woken up 20mins later by Aideen who has discovered me, and needs to ask something. Then Meave comes to chat to me about some pressing matter to do with work… before I know where I am the whole family have arrived for their tea break, all in the mood to tease mum for sleeping on the grass!

Later I am outside the front of the house and I am dismayed to see more badger damage in the organ pipe bed, and I sadly picked up some beautiful tall white tulips that have been felled.Our badger has almost completely annihilated the tulips in the rose border in the front field… this destruction is quite demoralising.I finish the day by deadheading the primulas in the organ pipe bed.

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