• Kay


2 APRIL 2020

After an extremely disturbed night with Jean and a very difficult getting washed and dressed session which now takes three people, I finally got outside, thank goodness! After watering various pots, baskets, auricula’s and parts of the Polytunnel I head off to the mount to finish planting the Ixias. The mount is beginning to look really colourful and the effect of three tiers of multicoloured bulbs is beautiful, our open day would have been in 11 days by which time the mount will look fantastic it’s just such a shame that no one will see it… we will have to do a ‘virtual’ tour instead.

I am distracted for a while by watching our bees settling on the blanket weed in the pond in order to have a drink, one positive side to the present situation is to be able to take more time to notice things.

I then decide to continue weeding in the fruit cage and to bring ash to put on the beds around the fruit bushes. The various plants are generally looking much more established this year and I’m hoping for decent crops. This will be very welcome at a time when fresh fruit and veg might be in short supply… never have I been so grateful for my garden!

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