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A more normal day!

30th November 2019

I am up very early because there is a lot to do before leaving for music school. After opening up the tunnel and uncovering the succulents ( it was quite frosty last night). I feed and clean out the chicken - it was so cold last night her little door has frozen shut! These jobs have to be done everyday and this is the highlight of Pecky's day because she gets a bowl of different treats every day - she is a very spoilt chicken!

I then go across to see dad and try to get him up and sorted before I leave. There is quite a lot to deal with and I leave late for work, but at least dad is comfortable and has his breakfast. Patrick is in charge while we are at work which could be interesting considering his condition!

On our way home from music school we stop for a massive shop at Waitrose, stocking up on everything...while we have the chance! I return home to discover that dad and Patrick have survived the morning! I check on dad and he has been nibbling on various goodies and seems quite content. I rush outside it is about 2:30 to get as much done as possible before Roz arrives to 'sort out' dads feet. I manage to plant all the remaining vines - 21 - HORRAY! I then pick a bowl of sprouts and dig up some carrots for dinner and then Aideen and I join Roz and Grandad for a foot pampering session!

All in all, a more positive day and hopefully tomorrow I can have a bulb planting binge! It is early days but so far so good!

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