• Kay

A hard days work!


Very good progress is made today with the 'Vine Mount' with help from Aideen, James, and Meave (when she gets up!).

Patrick manages to put in the foundation for the wall of the second terrace - this is a lot of concrete to mix. It is great to have so much help today because I can get on with other jobs. I weed two beds in what was the potato quarter this year, in preparation for planting garlic. I then top dress the beds with barrows of compost mixed with leaf mould and wood ash from the old bonfire site. At the end of the day, Meave and Aideen help me put some of the 2 year old leaf mould that is still in a heap into old sand sacks. Patrick finished the day cutting grass which was desperate to be done. We get James to photograph some of the mushrooms growing in the front field and orchard. There are an amazing variety of mushrooms growing this year - Patrick says it's because they know we a building a mushroom house!

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