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9 APRIL 2020

The beautiful weather continues, the warmest day so far and I add flip-flops to my shorts ensemble we erect a rather cheerful gazebo on top of the mount to protect tile layers (Patrick, James and Diane) from the sun and it fits perfectly. There is positive news about Boris which is encouraging and weirdly there is almost a ‘holiday’ atmosphere in the air… it helps if you do not listen too much to the news!

Before lunch there is a bit of drama… we are constantly plagued by illegal ‘off road’ motorcyclists roaring around the fields that surround the garden. This problem has escalated during the coronavirus ‘lockdown’, this is obviously shocking as it shows a blatant disregard for the instructions to “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives“, however I am not surprised. Today it took a more serious turn and we heard the motorbikes stop at the end of our drive. I ran outside with Aideen and Diane to find four bikers at the end of the drive revving their engines. I shouted at them to go home to their families and they just stared at us and then roared away performing ‘wheelies’ by the graveyard. We called the police and then the girls walked across the field to alert the HS2 security guards.

After lunch I started sowing, and Diane, Patrick and James started tiling. We brought a grandad outside when it was slightly cooler… this seems to be becoming a regular routine which he is really benefiting from. Today I managed to sow 40 cell trays of Brussel sprouts, (1 tray), Kale (3 trays) - I use a lot of kale as it is also very decorative, Chinese cabbage, collard cabbage, and parsley (1 tray) and spinach (1 tray). I also potted on 60 seedling marigold plants, one whole section of the cold frame is now filled with plants. Incredibly the zinnias and tagetes which were planted two days ago have already started to emerge - the wonders of ‘bottom’ heat in a propagator.

Good progress is made with tiling and Aideen joined them later in the day to start adding the glass mosaic tiles. At 8:00pm we stood on top of the mount and clapped for the NHS. We could hear shouting and car horns from the village (1/4 of a mile away) but we were only heard by one solitary walker in the field - never mind it’s the thought that counts!

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