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A frustrating day

3 JUNE 2020

Today has been frustrating for several reasons, firstly the weather, it was supposed to rain and be cooler… great I thought, I will get lots of planting done, I will work really hard in order to give myself some time off tomorrow because it is my birthday. Well the temperature was cooler, but there were only a few drips of rain, nothing useful, watering was still necessary. I planting out my turnips (30) which were sharing a tray with some caraway and chervil, in the same bed as the quinoa, which is still standing, thank goodness. I then decide to plant the sweetcorn, a big job, five root trainers of plants, 131 in total. This sweetcorn had got taller than I would like prior to planting, it is less likely to be blown over when it is shorter, it had also rooted very strongly into the earth under the root trainers. Then the last thing I need when planting sweetcorn happens, wind! I think I’m being watched by a little gremlin…and before I know it more than half of the sweetcorn is either leaning drunkenly or bent over completely. I have no option but to stake many of the plants individually. This is very annoying and time consuming and means I will not have time to start planting the pumpkins and squash as I had orginally planned. One good thing is that the new organ pipe sculpture looks good, and has set firmly in the concrete, at least that wont blow over!

During the day I also have a series of confusing phone calls with the hospital. So far I have been told several times that Jean will be in hospital at least until Monday because of being on a course of I V antibiotics. Today I have two long conversations with a physio, who says they are planning for discharge on Friday or even tomorrow (Thursday). Now I do not want my aunt to stay in hospital longer than necessary but I don’t want her discharged prematurely. Also, having been told she wasn’t likely to be discharged until Monday at the earliest, I had planned a little trip out tomorrow (to a salvage yard and maybe my favourite garden centre) as a treat for my birthday… now I don’t know what to do. I eventually manage to make contact with her ward and I am told again that she will need to finish her course of antibiotics which will need at least two more days or even four more days taking us to Monday. I think I will phone again in the morning because I don’t want to spend my birthday sitting by the phone/door, on the off chance that Jean could arrive at any moment, that doesn’t sound very relaxing to me! I guess all of these things are not particularly serious in the grand scheme of things but they do make a difference to my simple existence.

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